How to disable "Unregistered VCS root detected" popup

Is it possible to disable the "Unregistered VCS root detected" message that pops up whenever I open a new project? Mostly these are coming from within a large repo with many smaller projects in various folders. It's not a huge deal, but I'd like to try to save myself from having to click 'ignore' each time I see it.

It's not that I don't like Clion's VCS integration, but that I've used a different tool for years and I'm more comfortable with that, so ideally I could just globally disable the VCS support in CLion to free it up for other tasks.




Try to open the File | Settings | Version Control node (if you are OS X user - CLion |Preferences | Version Control). Take a look on the table on the right pane. You cn see <Project> in the Directory column. If there is  a VCS name in the VCS column - right click on it and select <none>

If you see your project folders in this table, apply the same procedure..
If doesn't help, try to simply disable the respected plugins (File | Settings |Plugins, unselect what is needed).


Ah great, didn't think to disable the plug-in. Though you guys do have a nice diff view - might make use of that in the future.



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