Help in editor when mousing over function calls or variables.


I'm currently using Eclipse CDT ide and I'm trying out Clion 1.1.1.
In Eclipse when placing the mouse cursor over variables and functions calls, including C++ standard library,
I get a small window showing either the variabe type or function definition.

However it seems that Clion 1.1.1 does not offer such help so I have to keep switiching between
function definitions and then return to where I was previously.

Am I missing something or is such help not available in the current version of Clion?


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Hi, Charles,

Probably you're looking for Quick Documentation, you can invoke it using shortcut or select Settings > Editor > General > Show quick documentation on mouse move and also configure delay.

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Thanks Maria, that did help but it would be great if mousing

over a function call would open a dialog box with the definition of the function without having to go to the defintion.

No harm in asking.


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