What version of mingw-w68 is supported by CLion 1.1?

4.9.3 is no supported, it seems too new
4.8.1 is too old

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Hi Ed.

We have a feature request about MinGW 5.* support in the tracker:
Feel free to comment or upvote.

CLion supports GDB 7.8, so the main reason why you see the warning with MinGW 5.* is GDB 7.9. Nevertheless, you can try to use it.

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Hi Anna
As you can see on the first screen shot in the  "Use MinGW home" text box MinGW-w64 version 4.9.3 (not 5) is referenced. I don't know why CLion determines it as 5
Also I tried 4.8.1 without success, look at the second screenshot more carefuly.

And the question is - what version of mingw-w64 does CLion support for now? What version should I install and reference?

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Hi Ed,

As it said on the official website "Mingw-w64 is almost entirely made by volunteer" and has specific of an open source product in terms of version numbers and releases. The latest mentioned version is 4.0, while 5.0 is available for a while.

You might have been confused by filed Version which actually represents GCC's version, while as you can on your screenshot the version of MinGW-w64 is different (in case with gcc-4.9.3 it's MinGW-w64 5.0, for gcc-4.8.1 it is MinGW-w64 3.0). Mainly our support of wide MinGW-w64's version range is limited by support of GDB (currently supported version is 7.8.x, we plan to support higher versions in the future)

Package with GCC 4.9.2 corresponds to officially supported MinGW-w64 4.0. In fact when you see warning about unsupported version it doesn't prevent you from using this tool, we just can't fully guarantee interoperability with it.


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