How would I install gmp (big num) so CLion sees it?


Can I follow windows tutorials that I find online to install gmp(big num) and CLion will pickup on my default system parts? Do I have do something specific for CLion to see gmp(big num) after it is installed?


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Hi Brian.

Please try to use find_package CMake command to locate the libary:

find_package(GMP REQUIRED)

Also use include_directories to include the libary header files.

add_executable(ExecutableName Main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(ExecutableName ${GOBJECT_LIBRARIES})

You can find out some additional information here:
Does that help?

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If you are on Windows and using Cygwin as your tool chain, start Cygwin Setup and grab to the bin and src for...

  • gmp: Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
  • gmp-debuginfo: Debug into for gmp
  • libgmp-devel: Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic (development)
  • libgmp-doc: Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic (documentation)
  • libgmpxx4: Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic (C++ runtime


Let that download and install.

Now, in your CmakeLists.txt file add the line

set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS "-lgmp")


Now you'll be able to include and compile with #include <gmp.h>.


I hope this helps.


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