Refactor: change name of a public member variable


I have a code of 100 000 lines loaded in CLion. Many classes inherit from BaseClass that has a public member owner_. I would like to refactor this, change the member to private, and define a getter for it.

My first try was to rename owner_ to owner_test_ but it does not even work. When I refactor owner_ (Refactor->Rename), I get a new window and if I change the name to owner_test_ and hit "Refactor", nothing happens.

On a small toy project, everything works fine but the behavior is different: when I do Refactor->Rename, I don't have a new Window, but the code is highlighed in my editor. When I change the name, everything works as expected.

Any idea on what could go wrong in the larger project?

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perhaps the problem is file size: the number of characters exceeds the default limit of 500 000. You can try to set up the new limit, as following:
- on the main menu, choose Help | Find action
- in the dialog box that opens, type Registry. You will see the Registry dialog. FInd here the cidr.max.intellisense.file.length parameter in the Key (left) columne.
- in the Value field (right next to that parameter) enter the new file size limit, say 3 000 000
- Click close. Then you shall choose File | Invalidate Caches | Restart to rebuild the project symbols.

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I have tried that but it does not make a difference.


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