importing code files

I often work from diffrent computer and I often mail myself new code verisons.
Sometimes I delete some files of a certain project and then put in the project folder the new files.
Every once in a while it's not working:
clion decides this file is deleted and won't accpet it again,
or it just gets stuck on a certain file verison and won't change a thing even though i put new diffrent files.

is there a way to import files (and not projects!)? or to reload a file?
is there a diffrent way to manage my verisons (without softwares like git, with clion built in options)?

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Hi Amit.

Could you please specify if you have added file name to CMakeLists when you add the file in the project? You need to add the name manually in set(SOURCE_FILES main.cpp) command. After that you also need to reload CMake.
If the problem still occurs please describe steps which could help us to reproduce the problem.


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