clion stuck at "loading cmake project" possibly because cmakelists.txt too large

Hello everyone,

I'm new to clion. I downloaded it to replace vim+ctags on ubuntu 14.04.

I'm working on a big project, total over 16.9 GB. I just know a little part of it so I don't know which parts can be ignored. I imported the whole directory.

Then the program became very slowly. Now after 5 hours of progressing, it still has a background task - loading cmake project - running. At the mean while, the main window reads “(the root directory)/CmakeLists.txt is too large for CLion editor".

I don't think waiting another 5 hour would change the situation.

Can anyone give me some suguestions?

Thank you.

Alan Gu

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I've got the same problem

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I have the same problem while trying to open

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Is there any work around for this problem ?


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