Problems with code inspection

I want to disable "Array issues" and "Const expression required" errors from being highlighted in the editor window, but I'm having some issues. I've tried editing the inspection profiles both via GUI and editing the XML files and it made the errors not show up in inspection results window (when running inspection from the Code->Inspect Code dialog) but they still show up in the editor window.
Actually, even when I disable all inspections, errors (of any kind) are still highlighted in the editor - is this an intended behaviour?

Renat Makhkamov


sometimes an inspection warning could be invoked by the several issues.For example, something like

while (x=x) {


causes "Unreachable code" tooltip. To get rid of it, you need to disable several inspection types: Not initialized variable, Endless loop, Loop condition isn't updated inside the loop, etc.
By the way, you can get the list of possible reasons by clicking the ...more link of inspection warning tooltip.
Switching off all the C++ inspections works also. By the way, what version are you using? Perhaps, all what you need is to download and install the recent one: 1.0.5 or 1.1 EAP for instance:


I have close to the same issue.  In the following expression, I get the Inspection  message "Subscript value is not an array".  I would like to turn this inspection off.  The message says the inspection is in Array Issues, but there appears to be no category by that name.



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