Is there a way to list subclasses of the class being viewed?

I really miss this from Eclipse.  Granted, I used Eclipse mainly with Java, where virtual methods are everything.  In C++ they are far from being that important, except possibly within the scope of a particular project that happens to use them a lot.  But anyway, when I do use them, I really want to be able to navigate around my class hierarchies in various ways.  Does CLion do anything to make this easy?  I can't seem to identify any features connected with this under View or Navigate.  It seems like there should be a "go to subclass" action, or something like that, under Navigate at least.  A continuously displayed view showing the class hierarchy of the class currently being edited would also meet my need.

In Eclipse (with, again, Java) you can even use some shortcut, I think it was ctrl-t or ctrl-g maybe, to show various implementors of a single virtual method (as opposed to various subclasses of a class).  That was really nice!  I would like it in CLion too.  I don't think this feature is present though.  I'd be glad to be told otherwise!


Hi Jeff.

Please try to use Ctrl + H key combo, 'Type Hierarchy' action.
This is probably what you are looking for.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.51.19.png

Ah, thanks, that does it.  By itself this is significantly weaker than the several hierarchy-view options Eclipse+Java offers, but it's FAR better than nothing, and it will serve my need.  (And if I missed this then maybe I missed something else too that will help even more.)


I know what you're looking for! I don't know if it's available on normal Intelij, but I have it on the new design beta.

Click Project -> 3 dots in top right -> Tree Appearance -> Show Members


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