How can I make multiple projects available from the same workspace?

I have two projects and one of them is already in the project's tree of the workspace. I tried to import the second one into the workspace as follows: File --> Import project (Selecting the project I want to import) and then there's an Import project dialog asks me to choose one of the following options:
Directory _project_dir__ contains CMakeLists.txt
Open project, Overwrite CMakeLists.txt and Cancel.

I chose Open project.

Then the following's being appeared: New projects can either be opened in a new window or replace the project      in the existing window. How would you like to open the project?     

So, I presume there's no way to add multiple projects in the same workspace? If so, couldn't you explain why did you do so?

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Renat Makhkamov

Hi Dmitrii,

thanks for the question.

We know about this problem. The ticket has already been raised up.
Currently, this feature is not among the high priority tasks for us, therefore we are not working on it at the moment.
Please, follow the above link and take a look over the comments; you can find some of them as of interesting for your case. You can also track the current status of the feature there and vote for it.


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