Class/file name, namespaces/directories synchronization

I know in C++ you can structure your files however you want, but I think a common pattern is for foo::bar::SomeClass to be:

  • declared in foo/bar/SomeClass.h(pp)
  • implemented in foo/bar/SomeClass.cpp

When following such scheme, it would be nice if Clion automatically renamed the whole files/folders/namespaces/class when one of them is manually renamed.

Are there any plans to do that ? This sounds quite hard to implement (especially if the scheme is customizable), but would bring a lot of power to C++ refactorings.



Feel free to create a feature request in our trcker:


Thanks for the reply. I will create one eventually, but since this seems to me a feature both very basic and powerful, yet hard to implement (maybe), I thought it might have already have been discussed somewhere.


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