Can't seem to install CMake right


I have downloaded CLion 2 days ago and since then I've been trying to get it to work! I had a better experience with PyCharm and IntelliJ :-)
I have installed Cygwin 64bit, the latest version and made sure I installed the compilers needed, "make","cmake" and "gdb"
CLion gave me a warning that I need a more recent version than 3.1.3 that Cygwin offers, so I uninstalled "cmake" and instead installed
version 3.2.3 from CMake official website. Now I'm getting a different error, image attached.

Is there a guide I can follow? I'm really confused!
Sorry if this question is ridiculous, I can't seem to solve it.

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Hi Ben.

Could you please check that you are using 64-bit CMake instead 32-bit.

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Thanks for replying.

As far as I know there isn't a 64bit installation for CMake, at least not on their website.
I have 32bit version installed and from what I've seen after few searches:

"There is really no reason for a 64bit native CMake. CMake is only building the configuration, so you can use it to build configurations for 64bit software, even with the 32bit version.
That being said, if you truly want a 64bit native version, you could always download the source and compile it. There is no 64bit installer, however."

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Hi Ben.

The problem arises because of incompatible between CMake and Cygwin.
Please use a bundled CMake from CLion or install CMake from Cygwin packages.
CMake package from CMake official site is not compatible with Cygwin.

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Hello again and thank you.

As I mentioned above, I can't use Cygwins CMake since CLion is not compatible with the version Cygwin offers.
Currently Cygwin offers version 3.2.1, if I'm not wrong, and CLion notifies it canno't use it.
I was hoping to use Cygwin, but I guess I'll have to try with MinGW instead.

Thank you very much for your help!


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