License key presented as an image

I have so far been unable to "register" my soon-expiring copy of CLion.

I bought a license for CLion. This resulted in an email containing a PDF being sent to me.

This PDF had no license key in it. It just had a link inviting me to “activate” the software.

Using this link took me to a web page that displayed a license key AS AN IMAGE.

Am I expected to manually type each and every individual character code in this long license key code somewhere into the software in order to “activate” CLion?

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Looks strange. What browser do you use and on what platform?

By the way, the easiest way to activate the license is to register the JetBrains account ( for the e-mail used when buying the license. Then you'll be able to register the software using this JetBrains account credentials. It's more convenient for tracking your license, renewing and you don't need the textual license key at all.

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When I got my license key for PhpStorm, it displayed a flash-based overlay over the top of the actual text, making copying impossible (the actual license key is in the DOM, just obscured). My understanding is that the flash is used to add "click to copy" functionality however this didn't work for me.

If you open up the browser console and run "$(".license-box pre").text();" you'll get the license keys in plain text which you can then copy.

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This advice is correct and works well. Notes to people who may want to use this idea:

  • The interface is actually the "web console".

  • Activate the web console in Firefox by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K

  • If you have more than one license key use the syntax: $(".license-box pre").eq(0).text(); and change "0" to "1" for the second key, "2" for the third, and so on.

Kind of annoying that we have to reverse engineer this web page to get access to our license keys. ?:|


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