Update policy for NAT source folder on Linux

I just installed CLion on Debian 8 using GNOME 3 as my Desktop Environment.
My source files are mounted from a network-attatched storage to a local folder.

On every windows change I encounter CLion to close all the opened files and reload the project tree as soon as it gets the focus back.
Is there any workaround considering that disturbing behaviour ?

Thanks in advance for help,


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CLion uses disk intensively. It is recommended to use SSD for the best performance. Any network storage is a source of performance problem.
It seems that in your case CLion receives too many "file was changed externally" notifications.

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Thank you for your help Actually I found the problem, it was too simple to solve:

File => Settings => Appearance & Behavior => System Settings :  [Synchronization] : uncheck (Synchronize files on frame activation)

I just hurried, so I did not see the option.


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