using clion on PostgreSQL sources


anyone tried using clion on PostgreSQL sources? I gave it a quick try but I can't get it to work reasonably :-/

For example clion does not seem to recognize the "foreach" macro (which is just expanded into a fancy for loop) and complains about missing semicolon. Any idea how to fix that?

Also, are there any other issues that I'll probably run into? For example, PostgreSQL does not use cmake but the old-school gmake and such, so that might be a problem I guess.


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CLion relies on CMake build system and takes all the information about the project from it, including files that are in the project, compiler options, flags, header serach paths, etc. So to work with CLion you need a CMake project. In case you don't have it, you still can try and Import project from existing sources in CLion. Then some basic CMakeLists.txt will be created for you automatically.


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