How can I get CLion to recognize headers from /usr/local/include?


I'm trying to build a project using SFML, but CLion doesn't seem to recognize anything in /usr/local/include/SFML, so of course when I do #include <SFML/something.hpp>, it highlights it in red, and none of the auto-completion stuff works.

The project will build / run just fine, since I've configured the libraries in CMakeLists.txt .

Is there something special I have to do to tell CLion to look there?

Edit: A couple of CLion restarts later, it recognizes the includes, but it doesn't understand the sf namespace, so the autocomplete functionality still doesn't work, and everything is highlighted in red.

Edit 2: include_directories(/usr/bin/include) adding that seemed to fix everything. (I had that line, but with an additional trailing slash)

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See original post edits for the resolution.

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> Edit 2: include_directories(/usr/bin/include) adding

Added where!!!!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!


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