Timeout too short when connecting to a remote JIRA server

I've been trying to connect my project to its JIRA server but it timeouts ("Error" dialog with "Read timed out" message) about 5 seconds about trying.

I've checked the network traffic and noticed the answer comes just after the error message.

Question: Is there a way to increase this timeout to, say, 30 seconds?

Steps to reproduce: Tools -> Tasks & Contexts -> Configure Server -> [Servers dialog is shown] -> Fill data of a remote or slow server -> Press [Test] (If the server takes longer than ~5 seconds to answer you'll get the error message)

For reproducing one could also place some mute listener on port 80 (e.g. netcat -l)

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Hi Flavio.

It seems that we have a similar issue in our tracker:
Could you please check if it's the same and add comment to the issue?

If it's another issue please send us idea.log to clion-support@jetbrains.com.

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Yes, I've added a comment there and, from it, a developer pointed out the solution.

There is a timeout option for that in Settings | Tools | Tasks.

Thanks Anna


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