Is it possible to debug an arbitrary executable?

Is it possible to debug an arbitrary executable using my clion project? (The executable is generated from project sources, but all of the cmake machinery isn't set up yet.)

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Hi Levi.

Unfortunately no.
We have the feature request in our tracker:
Feel free to comment or upvote. Follow to get the updates.

Still now you can import your sources to CLion and it will create a CMake files for you.

To give it a try press File | Import Project… or select an Import option on the Welcome wizard.
You can find out more information about this feature in our blog:

CLion is an intelligent IDE for C and C++. It means that it provides many features like smart completion, one-click navigation, code analysis and more to make developers more productive.
To support these features CLion uses a concept of a project and relies on CMake as a build system for it.
All the includes paths, variables and more is taken from CMake files and are used by CLion to understand your project better and to resolve your code correctly.

So while you can auto-import existing sources, any external or non-trivial dependencies wouldn't be resolved and used while indexing.


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