execute external program with parameter, independent of targets


how to run an external program with parameter ?
External Program "can be a target" or completely independent.
Its configuration should be independent on targets.
Arguments can be any. Also CLions Variables of course.

Is this possible ?
Will it be possible ?

Greetings Olaf

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Hi Olaf.

You can invoke external program using "External Tools" feature, it is available via Settings (or Preferences) -> Tools -> External Tools.
After configuring a new tool there you can invoke it via menu or assign a hotkey to it.

Could you please give us more details about CLions Variables. What do you mean by that?
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Thank you for this Info Anna,

i haven't seen this before.

With "CLions Variables" I mean "Insert macro..." like $FilePath$

So i can create some tools-call-launchers now.

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Feel free to ping us with any questions on it.


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