Odd command + up arrow hotkey change


I must have done this, but i'm not sure how...

On OS X when i use the command + up arrow hot key it does not go to the top line of my console, it does up to one of the tool bars.  

I checked the key maps and command + up arrow is still registered for 'move carret to page top', but i can't find the keymap that is over riding it.


any thoughts?


The fix for me was going to Preferences, Keymap, Editor Actions:

  • Move Caret to Text Start (assign this to Cmd + Up)
  • Move Caret to Text Start (assign this to Cmd + Down)

Then removing the other shortcuts when prompted.


Andrey is correct.

Similarly, command-down is mapped to "Jump to Source" by default.

naturally! this text-edit window should have totally different core keybindings than every other text-edit window people interact with a thousand times a day. yes. good decisioning.


Hello Andrew,

With the Default keymap I see that Cmd+UP is registered as Jump to Navigation Bar action:

While Cmd+fn+UP is Move Caret to Page Top:

Please double check.

In any case you can re-map the shortcuts to your best likings.



Every single time I install any of the JetBrains IDEs on any different Mac, I have to change these same settings again. A lot of work goes into making a Swing app as seamless as possible and not feeling like an odd, ugly cross-platform thing and it actually works. Until you try to move the cursor like in any other text editor. Who uses PgUp/PgDown on a Mac? I mean, seriously? Most people use either a laptop or the small keyboard so the trackpad is more comfortably and ergonomically reachable. And even on the big keyboard, I use cmd-up and cmd-down because that means I don't need to move my hand.So for no need at all, without doing the same annoying adjustment over and over again, the JetBrains IDEs feel like some piece of Windows software poorly ported to the Mac. So easy to avoid and at the same time such a horrible first impression to Mac users. There's never been a UI bug that I found as impactful and hard to comprehend. Just add a choice during installation, please!


You can always change preferred keymap here:

I guess MacOS system shortcuts are the best for you.


Wow, I had never discovered this :) Thanks a lot!


Will try that :)


I'm also just trying out the visual studio dark editor color scheme on one machine, I'm using Darcula for .net on the others :)


Soo many features and new ones popping up every day :)


The macOS system scheme doesn't have ctrl-R for run. Not curious about what else is missing. will go back to manually patching every single installation of every single IDE.


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