plugin developing and targets - simply execute external ?

Hi to all - i find the lion very useful
and i want to make suggestions related to targets or more how to execute a program within plugin-context.

Situation is that i have CMake main project to load and execute Plugins (shared libs) which are CMake - sub projects in sub folders.

The typical cycle, edit-compile-run is not comfortable in CLion - or i do not find a good way.
With Visual Studio i can run (debugger) exectuables indepedend of target. This is very handy for plugins.
I am developing Plugin-a or Plugin-b but i start the main method of Target-c.
That means edit-compile-start.

Within lions i edit plugin, switch target and execute, switch target back, edit ....

It would be great if i can associate an extern program/tool to a specific target.
target will be made as usual but if done, extern will start.

Alternative: If this is not liked or possible, what about add external tools like i can do in other IDEs, like ecplise ?
Perfect would be to add starter button for luncher and bring console output to a lion window.

Greetings and wish all best code!

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Olaf, please follow this request: CPP-710, it's exactly for this sort of feature


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