New project without template


I'm wondering if it's possible to have CLion start a new C project without loading the C++ "Hello World" main.cpp every time ?

I'm learning C from a C/C++ book (starting with C to add C++ later) so it would be nice to see a dialog when starting a new project to select C or C++ project (I guess it's also possible to make the C lessons in C++ since it's C with additions, but I prefer to use C to be true to the lessons).

I know I can delete the default "Hello World" but why not start with a blank file or a custom template that the user can setup ?

Unless I'm missing something (I cannot find an option like this in the settings) ?

so to make it short, I would like to

- Select between C and C++ when starting a new project
- Selecting a custom "template" or a blank file
- Setting a custom filename (like "chapter01lesson02.c" for example).

Oh, and I'm running Debian Linux (testing aka Jessie).



Hi Patrick,

Since CLion is currently in preview phase, some things are not implemented properly yet. This is a good example: there is only one template and the sole purpose of it is to make it easier to kickstart a project to people who never worked with CMake before. We are planning to add additional templates, but there is no ETA.

If you want to create an empty project, you can simply manually put an empty CMakeLists.txt into a folder and then open it with CLion.



Thank you for your response !

Guess I'll have to wait for a new release.



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