XHTML file type - script tag namespace




i use one library - with name Joost for streaming xml transformations and it allows scripting.

The config for this library looks like XSLT, but has it's own name spaces.

And the scripting tag has usual name <script>, but the name space is joost:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- test for recursive stx:process-siblings -->
<stx:transform xmlns:stx="http://stx.sourceforge.net/2002/ns"
version="1.0" strip-space="yes">
<joost:script prefix="js" language="javascript" >
// some script

And there is dilemma - i can remove the namespace - but specifying it like this:

But this breaks output, however allowing me to use Javascript code completion.

Or i can use it as is is supposed to be - but Idea treats content as usual text - no JS completion.


Is there any way to specify idea that this is JS script - ignoring the namespace of the tag?


You can add this tag to language injection settings, just like the default one:


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