example real project ?

hi, have you guys published a real c++ project to demo CLion? Can you pls. provide .iml file or similer ?

I am trying create a demo app using quickfix C++ using clion.. Already having issues with import b/c quickfix uses automake/configure and we have CMake here..
but from command line the project works and example also works.

I am struggling with importing/referencing the quickfix lib (i.e. .so & other files).. also why this ide don;t have "project structure" like IJ? and create the repected cmake/make from that config? IJ does that with eclipse/native ij project config files..

I see that you have a demo which creates main() in c++ .. I also understand that the first objective of the demo is to demo the featueres and not write the app.. but as you have that demo,  I believe community will hugely benifit if you take a well known opensource c++ project ( like quickfix engine http://www.quickfixengine.org/) on ubunto/osX and demo the actual details like how to reference/link, make your own lib etc.. -- may be a quick guide for IJ users to adapt the CLion ..

I hope that make sense.. if for some reason jetbrains cant do that, any amature video on youtube by one of you guys can help community a lot too..


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The reason for not having the project structure settings as in IDEA is that C++ projects often require a lot of fine-tuning (defines, conditional dependencies, compiler flags). Having to duplicate all that information would be a real problem for already existing projects, so we chose to use CMake as a definitive project model instead. You can read more about the reasons for choosing CMake here.

So, ideally, CLion should be able to open any CMake project out of the box. However, since CMake is a very powerful tool, it is possible to make something that breaks CLion's assumptions or just simply incompatible with the way things work. Considering that your project builds fine by standalone CMake, this is probably what happened in your case.

If you provide more details about the problems you are having with opening the project we probably will be able to help you resolve them.


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