Multiple Jetbrain IDE sharing the same project directory

--- This concern may have been discussed somewhere else before (but i didn't find anything) ---

I am using both CLion and Webstorm on a Nacl/Dart project.
Everything runs fine when i set both project root in different directories... but if i use the same project root on both IDE, they seems to override their .idea config files (workspace/plugin)... That's creating a lot of anoying popup... :S

Is there a way to avoid that? Or am I really forced to use different directory?



Unfortunately, using different project roots is the only option at the moment.


Are there any updates on this?

The best solution would be a single IDE which allows switching ALL languages (Java, C, PHP, Python, Ruby, ...) to be enabled oder disabled individually. Are there plans for something like that? It's annoying to open multiple IDEs just because the project uses multiple languages.


This is becoming an issue, I have projects that are modules that are J2EE and Android, or C, Python and Node, and if I want relatively high quality of being able to code those, using specialized IDEs is required, but they choke on each other project files. If they just could not fight, and respect each other's presence, it'd be great.



Exactly!!! It is MUST BE!!!

ok, You are create new IDE - DataGrip ... cool
but today, no one database do not leave separate from PHP,Java or Python (extend what You want) ... 

so, all IDE must understand each other, and leave together without any collisions


If someone else stumbles upon similar situation, one workaround would be to create symbolic link to the project folder inside different folder and mark those folder as root of project for each idea project, which should overcome the problem.


Please, jet brains, fix this. At least fix it for DataGrip. It is unbelievably st00pid to not be able to create and save DG scripts to run a db, explore the datasets, etc., and NOT be able to save those files within the same file space and same git repo as my code. 


Hi all!

I've found an issue in the IntelliJ IDEA tracker about CLion and PyCharm - You can add a comment to it about your case (e.g. CLion and DataGrip) or create a new issue.

Also we have a feature request about having DataBase plugin available from CLion - Feel free to comment or upvote.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


@Vladimir Apukov and others - how would one structure a site to work with the intellij IDES to to work on the same project? That is, if we had to use symbolic links. Looking for potential ideas. thanks


This problem is biting me too. I am a new CLion/Pycharm Professional user and love these IDE's. They are the only software I have actually purchased in many years (and I don't even pay for MSVC)... I have tried to have both projects with the same root and find that things don't work too good as it is.

Please come up with a way to host both IDEs with the same root directory and I will buy cookies for everyone.



Got it working using the suggestion of using symlinks by Info above. Here is a gist outlining the steps.


I am using two IDEs - IntelliJ and CLion - in the same directory by setting one to use folder-based project settings (.idea directory), and the other one to use file-based project settings (.ipr files). It's a hack, but it's worked quite well so far. This of course precludes using more than two IDEs.
I would really like to see the addition of cohesive multi-IDE project settings.


Jetbrains - please prioritize a solution for this.  The world is never as simple as "every project has one exclusive IDE."  That every product you build is effectively incompatible with the others is pretty astonishing.



Dear all, thanks for your comments! Please comment or upvote a related issue in the platform's tracker (for example, or create a new one.


5 years and still not fixed ?!

Sincerely, I like Pycharm and IntelliJ when it comes to actually work with them. But they are so rigged with UI/UX issues that I am now considering going back to Eclipse. Do something guys !


Well.. to solve that just create two project where directories are not the real project source dir. That is, .idea directory outside of source-code dir.

After, go to settings (CTRL+ALT+S)  > Directories

On the right panel ("+ Add Content Root") remove the current content root and add the real one (the real source-code dir);

Follow the same previous steps for the another project configuration when sharing the same source-code dir.


Thanks Felipe. The option is "Project structure" on pycharm


Thanks Felipe. I am surprised that Jetbarins doesn't implement this in the products; Having different directories for different IDEs, such as `.idea.clion`, `.idea.rubymine`, `.idea.webstorm` to avoid name clashes.


Guys, this is a really required feature: I am using pycharm and clion for the same project. Please.


Couldn't you in Jetbrains expose an option to configure the name of the `.idea` folder for each specific project? E.g., I have a project which shares the root folder and it is both a go and a java project. Would have been useful to have a `.idea_java` or `.idea_intellij` for the java project root and a `.idea_go` or `.idea_goland` for the go project. It does not sound like a hard thing to do.


Please fix. Different IDEs for different languages, I get it, fine. For those of us who work out of a monorepo this is a pain and it broke my expectations of how the products could work orthogonally from each other.


This is really an issue that makes me want to go away from using JetBrains... Like, I really love the IDE's but for big projects where I need multiple IDE's such as GoLand and WebStorm, I just choose one and use another for the rest, making me just to want move to solely using an editor that can support everything.


Folks please please please just use different folder name for different IDEs. That should be a super straightforward fix at least for new projects that doesn't have '.idea' folder use an ide specific one.


Felipe's comment above appears to remain the best option, from my perspective.


I found a solution for working with IntelliJ and PyCharm 'projects' at the same time, which works for me.

  1. Create an IntelliJ Module for the problem. Note, Module folders have NO .idea directory!
  2. Create an empty PyCharm project with the same name as the IntelliJ Module somewhere else.
  3. Copy the PyCharm .idea folder into the IntelliJ Module folder. That's it !

Thanks Felipe.

But some IDE not has “Add Content Root” option, like Clion.

That kind of IDE must use source dir's .idea folder, if you want to use such kind of IDEs more than 1, no solution till now.


I can't believe it's been 10 years and this is still going on.

I am moving to other IDE, JetBrains isn't taking their users seriously, there are deep fundamental usability issues with the IDEs and they are left untreated to work on the UI.

Advice to JetBrains: Fire management and get decent people instead.


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