CLion uses 1+ GB memory, sluggish, Java, impressions...

  1. CLion uses ~1+ GB of memory for a simple Hello World project. Haven't even tested a complex program yet.

  2. CLion is slightly sluggish. Clicking tends to not be the usual snappiness one expects from other IDEs (CodeLite, QtCreator, even VS). It's the typical experience I've encountered from Java apps over the course of 15+ years now, which, consequently, make me avoid them like the plague (other reasons to avoid Oracle notwithstanding). I figured I'd give this one a shot. Maybe things have improved, but maybe not?

  3. Using 1-2 GB memory might not bother if it was to ensure being incredibly fast, responsive, and stable (as is the case with Chrome, for example). But it's already crashed after a [Run] once, with a short bit of typing lost despite autosaves. I like the autosaves by default but I dislike not being able to truly know/see if a file is saved or not (e.g. filename.cpp* vs. filename.cpp).

  4. [Bug]? I noticed no default keys for creating a new file (how odd). I went to the keymap, added one for New File using an empty combination (i.e. ctrl+\ ). That didn't work. Tried adding it with another blank (i.e. F10).  Didn't work. Instead it triggered the [File] menu.

  5. [Bug]? When running a program that's asking for input, the cursor: 1. doesn't align and blink at the end, instead it's over to the left of the line. 2. When it's a blank line (e.g. cin.get()), no blinking cursor is shown.

  6. I'd like the optoin to run the program in a typical pop-up console like other IDEs do it. Maybe it's an option and I didn't notice. Or maybe I wouldn't care if the built-in one was better/speedier.

  7. CLion has appeal. I like parts of it. I'm glad it's another massive IDE option now, especially for those who find it working well.

Tested on Win7-64, 8 GB. I might try Debian later.

What's it like for others here?

Is this usual or will performance drastically improve for a release?



Thank you for sharing.
~1+ GB of memory for a simple Hello World project - is a bit strange. Does it really use this ammount? Switch on the memory indication in Settings. What ammount do you see there? If it's really so big make memory snapshot please. And a CPU one if you think something is happening too slow.

There is a shortcut for creating a new file (Ctrl+Alt+Insert in the default keymap for Win).

If you are missing some features, please, place them to our tracker and we'll consider them later.


Thanks for responding! Yep, it consistently goes to 900 MB to 1.2 GB with very basic use, a few files. It climbs just idling. I turned on the memory indicator. Hovering over it, bottom right, it says: [Allocated heap size: 892 M Used: 520 MB] | ~519 of 1996 M. Over the course of idling to type this it's now "Used: 570M", etc.. Windows Task Manager shows it at ~1,000,000 K. It'll keep going up a bit. Comparitively:

Qt Creator: ~110 MB.
CodeLite: ~60 MB.
Visual Studio: ~200 MB + vcpkgsrv ~40 MB.

So, my experience with CLion is unusual? What memory usage do you get? Is it not even a little sluggish for you (compared to other programs)? Thanks for the tip about Ctrl+Alt+Insert (+Enter).


The point is that CLion collects more information about your project to provide you with smart actions, refactorings and other intelligent support. So we need more memory to store this information especially if the project is big.
We can check your case if you make a memory snapshot and file a request in tracker, attaching the project to it.


CLion is using just under 400MB of RAM for me.  It seems to hover around 387-392.  Windows 8.1.


Actually this is not a very big amount of memory for CLion.


Oh, yes.  I know. I was actually saying that for the op. My memory usage is about the same as IDEA 13/14


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