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I am really happy to see that jetbrains begins with supreme dicipline "C++ cross platform IDE" - I am impressed
and want you to encurage to continue.I waited years for this and I told friend if jetbraqins will create C++ IDE it will become real.
We developed C/C++ for years beginning around 1990. From end of 90 to 2007/2009 we developed openGL/Java programs but came to java limits.
Our openGL programs, big 3D meshes, consist of millions of Nodes, Polygons, etc...
Since that time be came back to C++ and 2 years later to Qt. First - I am not a Qt fanboy. I just like idea that we can port some gui stuff rather easy.
And i don't want to encourage jetbrains to write an other Graphical Designer - do not waste energy for that - my opinion.
For our cross platform, C++/openGL/Qt programs we used g++/cmake+Qt within eclipse .... but we are not happy with this.
My first impression of 3,4 hours "playing with the CLion" : This makes fun!
mmmmh i am telling and telling....and where is the point ?
Sorry - but some good word for jetbrains and little history was a must!

OK, first point:
Live Templates - i miss a lot of expressions.
I tried to create my own live templates like i did within intelliJ.Good is in general they work.
But actually very little count of "Expressions" for the variable.

I need Expression for

  • ClassName - full qualified with namespace, or base name only .... etc.
  • MethodName

A little minus for expressions in general:
Before i can use build-in-expression i have create my own-variabels and map them.
Why not to use build in expression directly ?
cout << "$classNameComplete$<< endl;
cout << "$#classNameComplete" << endl;
to make difference between direct use of build-in-expressions and user-defined variables

I have seen this construct
cout << "$(ClassName)::$(MethodName)" << endl;
working in other IDE - (yes, i look around - uh)
And i cannot see problems with direct access - much more intuitive - my opinion.

Greetings !

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Thank you!

Concerning live templates, please, add your suggestions to the tracker ( We'll be glad to consider them, to add more live templates to CLion and to improve some bugs with custom templates creation. We've just started working on it so we understand it's not a complete list, it's just a beginning to let our users now we plan to have more.


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