Settings shortcut in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi everyone. I have a problem with CLion in Ubuntu 14.04: the ctrl+alt+s shortcut to open the Settings is not working. Also, if I open the Settings from the menu, and then I do the shortcut,  things get buggy. The settings window disappears but there is a  silhouette left. Also, the menu disappears.

I'm not filling a bug report because a) I'm not sure if it's a problem with the IDE or something else, and b) I can't sign up in the tracker anyway (it says «New user registration is disabled. Please contact your system administrator»).

Is anyone having the same problem?


The tracker was under maintenance this night. Login with you user name (not e-mail) - this should work now.

May be some systems shortcuts are overlapping with the IDEs one?


Oh, you are right. I should've checked that before. Thanks!

(In case someone runs into the same problem and ends here: Ctrl+Alt+S is a shortcut for "Toggle shaded state".)


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