Easiest way(s) to disable useless inspection pop-ups?

When these pop-up, there's no button or option to disable or go to the place to disable, I have to click File > Settings > Editor > Inspections, filter by code type, then look for the inspection that may not even be named the same thing.

Is there not an easier way?

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Hi there,

Use Alt+Enter (using Default keymap) while having caret on the problematic place (or by clicking on light bulb icon) -- you can go to specific inspection settings from there (or even disable or suppress that particular inspection right there)

I'm talking about this kind of menu: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/PhpStorm/Working+with+the+PhpStorm+Editor+Actions+and+Navigation#WorkingwiththePhpStormEditorActionsandNavigation-AutomaticCodeInspectionandQuickFixes


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