Hi there,

Local History is tightly bound to indexes/caches (and possibly some other stuff). Moving it between different IDE versions (e.g 10.0.3 -> 2016.1) will do nothing (IDE will discard it). It also depends on your projects locations -- if on another computer they will be in different paths .. it will have no use there.

If you are planning to copy it to another computer where the setup will be exactly as on this computer (as well as IDE version) then you may try copying all IDE folders manually (on Windows/Linux it will be just one folder; on Mac -- few folders in few places)


P.S. Why not use proper VCS for your code changes tracking (if that's what you are using Local History for)?


Because it's way faster to use local history :) It would be tedious to commit every save but locally history dose that automatically. Of course I use VCS also but locally I mainly relay on local history.
Some time ago I've reinstalled my system and lost all local history files so I was wandering if I could move them. I'll try to move manualy on a VM. 


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