DB Navigator Setttubgs with sqlite3


I would like to use DB Navigator plugin with sqlite3, however, I can't figure out the setting being asked for.
Connections Page: Use '+' select SQLITE3
Database Page: Name - I use the 'project name'
Description - I use 'localhost'
Database Files - I select 'development-sqlite3' as generated by rails in the project

Test Connection: Database information incomplete or invalid (host, port, database, file)

Is there a straight forward tutorial that explains what is being asked for in the settings tabs.

Thank you for any help.  

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Hello, Paul,

sorry for the delay. DB Navigator plugin has a guide on how to use it:


In addition, in case of any problem you can submit an issue to their tracker:


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the guide at https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/CONTEST/Database+Navigator is not a guide at all, but a feature list with some screenshots.

I have therefore submitted an issue to their tracker as a BUG.





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