Unable to type left parenthesis?

With the update to PyCharm Community Edition 2016.1, for some strange reason I've lost the ability to type a left parenthesis, but only when the cursor is next to text...ie: on a blank line, or with a space between the text I can type it. 

Example: def look_for_sim() <--- I can't type that in the IDE, the left parens "(" cannot be typed since it's next to other text. 

I made sure to disable any custom plugins not bundled with PyCharm, but still....

I'm tearing my hair out here. WTF changed with the new update that would cause this for me? A search turns up nothing remotely connected, so I'm stumped. And being able to type ( is pretty important.


I have the Same problem, but only on OSX so far (I think it did not occur on linux, I'll check tonight)


i have this problem as well on osx


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