Detecting indexes availability

Here is my sad story:

My parser uses stub indexes. Now i can see that it was a not really good idea, but year ago it was fine and the most important it worked fine until the IDEA 2016 released and locks became a real problem and i've discovered that it's not allowed to use nested indexes access. 

I've fixed all my code which utilized nested indexes access and even ported lock mechanism from new IDEA with possibility to check if indexes are currently unavailable for current thread.

But today i've got this:

In one line: JS caused reparsing of Perl during indexes iteration. So, it's a checkmate for me...

But, may be there is a some way to check if indexes are not busy right now?

P.S. and yes, i'm going to remove indexes usage from parser, but it's not quite easy and will take time.


IMO JS should not cause reparsing of Perl during indices iteration, it looks like some sort of index inconsistency


My guess it was just php-like perl, multi-psi perl+html (with js inside i guess)


Seems it was not a real checkmate, guess i've solved problem for now with async index cache update.

In case someone meet the same problem:


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