Can I skip right parenthesis ")", "]", "}", with TAB key like Eclipse?



I'm wondering if I can skip right parenthesis ")", "]", "}", with TAB key like Eclipse or not.

I googled and also looked into this forum, but i couldn't find any post about Skipping parenthesis.

And if there were no function something like skipping parenthesis, how does everyone deal with right parenthesis to go over it?

now for me, I'm hitting Right direction key to skip right parenthesis.

Sorry for my poor English and, thank you for your help.

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Hi, Sophian!

I think you can be interested in Complete Statement action (Cmd+Shift+Enter on Mac and Ctrl+Shift+Enter on Win/Linux) which complete current statement with neccessary braces and semicolon if needed and insert caret at the end of the line/on the next line. Currently we're reworking it to support all C/C++ structures and going to roll out new functionality in EAP to our next 2016.2 version, however previous implementation is available in 2016.1 release so you can give it a try.

If it doesn't match your case - please provide an example.

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Hi, Maria.

Thank you for reply. I just tried a little bit, and I think that is what I was looking for.

And I'm looking forward to seeing your next version, thank you:)

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CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER simply does not have the elegance of a single TAB press. I'm absolutely certain that this feature request exists somewhere on YouTrack.JetBrains... Can someone please direct me to the issue so that I may upvote it? (I would imagine it's a highly requested feature)

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Hi, Ammarwdc.

Do you want to skip outside the auto-inserted parenthesis or quotes by pressing Tab? Then please upvote the following ticket:


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