Bookmarks gone after upgrade to last version


I am not sure but I hardly believe that I have deleted all of my bookmarks. Has anybody encountered the same issue?

Another bothering thing is that the same project exists multiple times in the 'recent project list'. Probably from previous DataGrip install?



Thank you


Bookmarks are stored per-project. Are you opening the same DataGrip project with the new DataGrip version? Perhaps if you updated to DataGrip 2016.1 the default project location changed (since default configuration folder is also changes, if not explicitly configured).


Also please note that when you open new DataGrip version for the first time you should be prompted with the dialog for importing settings from previous version, which includes migrating your projects also. Were you prompted with this dialog?



I managed to retrieve them by copying the project config from previous version.

Regarding the recent project list.. Is it somehow possible to clear it? It is quite annoying to see 3 different records from the same project.


You can clear it from the Manage Projects context menu:



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