#selector is not recognized


Just as the name says... there's a lot of stuff not working anymore in particular type-ahead features for various objects, especially bridged objects, and selectors. Also func signatures aren't recognized like they are in Xcode so I keep having to fill in the param names manually. 

Xcode is becoming more useful than AppCode lately. I'm finding it faster lately to work in Xcode because of these issues:

The above is valid and compiles.

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Support for Swift 2.2 constructions delivered in AppCode 2016.1.3. We strongly recommend to try 2016.2 EAP as well, cause it contains SourceKit inspections, parameter placeholders and new Introduce Variable refactoring on board. I'm closing this thread for the moment. 

Tatiana Shabaeva

Hi Leif.

This is due to OC-13225. The fix should be available in next AppCode 2016.1.x update as well as other issues related to Swift 2.2 support.


I don't usually have to point things out, but this one and the other issues are making life pretty hard this time around.

Thanks on the info and the quick response. I'll keep an eye out for the update.


Yes, this is a showstopper for me too. In working with recognizers, we like to the #selector to do stuff like this:

let someTapRecognizer = UITapGestureRecognizer()
someTapRecognizer.addTarget(self, action: #selector(MyModule.promptForSomething))


I'll give it a whirl in the EAP. I've had good success with it in the past, and at this point, I'm stuck in Xcode for coding which is just kinda painful lol.

Thanks for the response, and nice to know a fix is coming.


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