Shown text "shifted" two steps left - Solved

I just experienced a very strange bug. Anyone that got an idea of what the heck is going on?

See the "code field". It is a display bug, because if I copy and paste into another editor, the text is correct.


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Hi there,

  • What's your OS? Windows 10 I guess?
  • What's the font that you are using (in Editor)?
  • Java version (Help | About) ?
  • 32 or 64 bit PhpStorm?
  • Does this happens in editor only .. or other places as well?
  • If you restart IDE -- will it become normal?
  • Anything interesting in idea.log (Help | Show Log in...)

So far it looks like some font issue -- try changing it to some another (previously worked) font (e.g. Consolas) and see if it will work better there.

If you backup & delete your IDE settings (C:\Users\USERNAME\.PhpStorm2016.1 on Windows) while IDE is closed .. then launch IDE and start from scratch -- will it do any better?


So far I've seen only but it's a bit different to yours (although still looking similar in general pattern -- font letters get shifted 1 or 2 positions somehow).

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It seems that it was the font that had gotten corrupted. Tried another font, which worked fine. Reinstalled the font (Source Code Pro), and then everything worked as it should.


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