can't adjust console color scheme

Hello, can you help me figure out why what I need to do to adjust console color scheme in PyCharm (version 5.0.4) running on Windows 7. I want to have black text on white background in my console window (by console I mean Terminal window). I noticed that the only two settings, which seem to control Terminal color are Console > Background and Standard output > Foreground. However. Let's say I change Background and Standard output Foreground to white color, for some reason it also changes input and output text to white, so that it blands completely with the background. In other words, either I am completely confused what background and foreground mean, or somehow text that I type and get back (to me this means foreground), is controlled by background setting. I attached a screenshot, which shows what is happening on my Windows 7 machine. Currently Standard output is set to white, so you see parts of the screen in white. If I change Background to white, my whole terminal screen becomes white, which is almost what I want, except text of course. I want text to be black, and background to be white. 


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I had a similar visual phenomenon. Only for me the colors where inverted to your example.

The fix: After some tinkering I discovered that this isn't caused by PyCharm itself but from the extern "Defaults" properties of the windows console. After I set them to the default colors PyCharm started displaying the colors inside the integrated console properly. 

Maybe your visual "bug" is caused by this as well.


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