Connecting to Bitbucket's Issue Tracker

Hi, I'm using Bitbucket as a repo for a few personal projects - I'm trying to connect to its JIRA via Webstorm but am just having no luck.

I can't find an actual JIRA server url, so I've tried setting up a generic tracker server config - using urls gleaned from Bitbucket's REST API... the best I can get is failing authorization :/


Has anyone else had a stab at this and gotten anywhere?



there is a predefined configuration for JIRA:


did you try it?


Hi Elena - I'm using the free Bitbucket Cloud, so I think the issue tracker it uses isn't the 'full' JIRA - if it is, I can't find a server URL for it to add to WebStorm. I used the REST API for Bitbucket and now I can connect fine though and wrote up a guide as a blog post for it. I'm using both JIRA and HP ALM (QC) integration at work in WebStorm and they work great :) Thanks!


I have the same issue with an HTTP error when accessing the REST API's for issue tracking. Is there a good link on how to get this to work.


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