La Clojure and compilation


I am new to Clojure and specifically the La Clojure plugin for IDEA. I have created some .clj files and have Clojure created as a facet for my IDEA module. I now need to call my Clojure code from Java. How can I get La Clojure to compile my Clojure code? I have tried making the project and individually compiling .clj files, but no related class files appear in my out/production directory.

Any help appreciated.

Paul C. Meehan


I'm having a similar issue.  In my particular case I've got a gen-class delcaration in one of my Clojure files and I'm trying to refer to that class from another another module however IntelliJ it can't find it.  If I produce a jar file and depend on that instead it works but I'd rather just declare a module dependency.


Just in case someone is in search,

go to

file -> settings-> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Complier -> Clojure Complier

Its likely the button is set at "Don't compile clojure namespaces"

All you need do is to change it and you should also select "Show reflection warnings"

It also works for cursive clojure



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