Migrate 0xDBE Settings to DataGrip

So I've downloaded DG1.0 and it asks for a previous settings location. I've tried giving it the 0xDBE (EAP) settings location, but it hasn't imported my databases & settings, etc. Is there any way to do this?


Hell Robert,

Yes, you can use File | Import/Export action to import the settings and datasources information between different IDE installations. Before this, just please make sure that you had moved the Datasource you want to export to a Global Datasource (i.e. stored in IDE-wide settings).

By default all newly created Datasources are stored per project.

So to export the datasources (with other settings):
1. In 0xDBE move the DS you want to export to Global level (File | Data Sources dialog: https://www.jetbrains.com/datagrip/help/data-sources-and-drivers-dialog.html ) , then invoke File | Export settings...
2. In DataGrip, choose File | Import settings... action and select the exported settings.

Please note that security-sensitive data is not transfered.


Hi Andrey,

  What do you do if 0xDBe has expired and you can no longer go in and File | Export settings... ?



Since the project data sources are stored in project, as a workaround, I suppose, you could open old 0xDBE project (for example default project is located in configuration direcrtory: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206827437 , which is `\.0xDBE10\config\projects\default` on Windows) by DataGrip, then migrate the datasources to global settings.

Perhaps, a better approach of migrating project data sources could be implemented for such case.


Anyone know where default projects were stored with 0xDBE on a Mac?
0xDBE now doesn't work and I can't find my previous project and there seems to be no easy way to upgrade to the release version, which all seems very strange. Just want my datasource, plugins and settings so I can carry on work, surely JB don't expect us to manually set everything up from scratch?


Default project is located under config directory, folder on Mac is

. You can also find it's location via File | Open and clicking on Project folder icon in the file chooser dialog.

I was able to bring all of my settings, connections and current IDE state over to DataGrip by copying the contents of `~/Library/Preferences/0xDBE10` to `~/Library/Preferences/DataGrip10`.

FWIW, this is OS X and I did this after starting DataGrip up and then quitting it. Haven't noticed any ill effects yet.


Currently, DataGrip installation process doesn't copy the connections and consoles from previous 0xDBE installation.
In order to use previous connections and consoles you can use this commend (works for osx):
cp ~/Library/Preferences/0xDBE10/projects/default/.idea/dataSources* ~/Library/Preferences/DataGrip10/projects/default/.idea/.
cp ~/Library/Preferences/0xDBE10/jdbc-drivers/* ~/Library/Preferences/DataGrip10/jdbc-drivers/.
cp -Rp ~/Library/Preferences/0xDBE10/consoles/db/* ~/Library/Preferences/DataGrip10/consoles/db/.


I just migrated my Linux 0xDBE to Datagrip (why the name change?? 0xDBE was a MUCH cooler name!), without too much hassle..

$ cp .0xDBE10/config/projects/default/.idea/dataSources.* .DataGrip10/config/projects/default/.idea/
$ cp .0xDBE10/config/jdbc-drivers/mysql-connector-* .DataGrip10/config/jdbc-drivers/

$ cp -Rp .0xDBE10/config/consoles/db/* .DataGrip10/config/consoles/db/

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