Feature request: generate project POM from project.clj


I'm enjoying the La Clojure plugin, thanks for working on it.

One small improvement to getting started with other people's projects would be to allow the plugin to generate a Maven POM from a Leiningen project.clj file. Here's the scenario: I'm downloading quite a bit of open-source code written in Clojure (to study and learn the language), and many projects now use Lein to organize their dependencies. Lein can generate a POM file using the 'lein pom' command from the command line. Once I have a POM, I can open the project within IDEA as a standard Maven project and start working immediately. While I can clone the project directly from Git in IDEA, there's a separate step where I have to manually generate the POM then ask IDEA to import that.

The feature would be added to the "open project" dialog--
1- open project
2- file dialog, select project.clj
3- prompt, "this appears to be a Clojure project configured with Lein. IDEA can import this by generating a Maven POM from the project.clj file. do so?"
4- generate POM
5- go to "import Maven pom project" dialog

Thanks! Keep up the great work!


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