Basic macro playback feels sluggish

I have this really basic macro and applying this little macro is quite slow in the editor

The macro:

1. go to line start
2. go to line end
3. add a comma
4. go a down a line

This macro I'm trying to apply quite a few times as I'm used to doing (in other IDE's though), but it takes forever in 0xDBE. It almost looks like it's chocking on the macro. Is there a better way of doing this, or is the editor just slowish?

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Works good for me - no lags.

Do you see high CPU utilization at the time issue happens?
Do other actions also slow or you see this problem only with the macro playback?
How large is the file you are changing (try to compare it with different files)?

For problem investigation it would help if you could take CPU snapshots at the moment issue happens (see ) and provide them and idea.log file ( ). Thanks.

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Im not saying my mac can't handle it, it just feels slowish. I will try to see if I can make a log for you later though, maybe I'm wrong :).


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