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I've been trying to move over to 0xDBE for my database development workflow but have a few problems. This is all against a local SQL Server 2008 instance using both the JDBC and Microsoft SQL Server driver.

1. Only one database appears even though multiple schema's are selected. (I've seen this may be related to JDBC, but it's weird it works with the old introspector below)
The legacy introspector seems to fix the problem.
2. The application hangs for a considerable time when populating the "routines" folder in the above instance (30k routines).
3. Is there a shortcut to editing a routine (Similar to F4 or Ctrl-Q, but F4 opens the routine folder, and as per 2 it's really slow. Ideally it would open a new console window with the definition).
4. Parameters don't appear or autocomplete when running a routine in the console.


Hello Joey,

1. What connection string you use to connect to a MS SQL Server, are you specifying a database there?

2. Do you see long openning with new or legacy introspector? Does disabling Group Contents makes it better?

3. Do you mean open a routine editor for a routine by name, without expanding tree view in Database console? Try using Navigae | Symbol, type routine name and select F4/Enter.

4. Could you please describe the expected result from the screenshot?

Thank you.


1. jdbc:sqlserver://{server}\{instance}
2. The long opening happens with both introspectors. Grouping Contents doesn't help.
3. Using Navigate | Symbol still opens expands the tree view
4. See screenshot below from SSMS. I would expect to be able to see the paramters while typing them out.


1. This should be fixed in the next 0xDBE update.

2. Usually, it may take some time the first time when DB is introspected (especially when there are a lot of DB objects), all subsuquent synchronizations should be faster. Are you experiencing issue with subsequent usage with this? Could you please elaborate?

>3. Using Navigate | Symbol still opens expands the tree view

Is the problem in a slow expansion of the routine folder then?

4. Thanks. Created a request, please vote/follow


1. Cool, thanks.
2. It's even on subsequent openings. Seems to be pretty memory hungry.
3. Yes, I guess that's the problem with the current F4 workflow for me right now. But I could see it being useful to just skip to editing the routine.
4. Done.


Thank you for clarifications. Regadring item 2 in the list: Is should not re-populate the same objects again on subsequent opennings. Do you may be mean it hangs when expanding the folder?


Yes every time I collapse and expand the folder it hangs the application.


Could you please check with the last EAP . And if it is slow, attach thread dumps, taken at the moment it hangs and zippend log folder . Thanks.


I am also experiencing the problem where the new introspector appears not to work, it lists the schemas but it doesn't find any of the objects within them. If I switch to the 'legacy introspector', it does work, with no other setting changes.

I'm using version 143.1040.1 of 0xDBE, on OSX Yosemite, using the jdts driver to connect to SQL server 2014 via JavaKerboros auth with useNTLMv2=true and AD domain credentials.


Could you please try the last version from . Please create new Datasource and invoke Synchronize action for it.

If problem remains, please attach idea.log (Help | Show Log... action), the output from Test Connection for the Datasource and screenshot of Database Tool Window with the expanded schema. Thank you.



Thanks. Using the latest version appears to fix the issue.



I'm running the latest EAP (143.1301.4), and am having a similar issue to #1. The connector automatically assumes I want to connect to my default database when none is specified, and introspection/database navigator lists only the objects in my default database. How do I get a more SSMS-style view of the server? I.e. listing all databases?


There is a tab when you're setting up the connection called 'Schemas', one thing that got me at first was that you have to
go into that tab and explicitely choose the schemas you'd like DBE to inspect.

It's a nice feature, since TBH I find it annoying in regular SSMS that you have to see all the schemas all the time. That said, it should probably default to selecting all schemas and then you can deselect some, rather than the other way around!


Please note that currently only one Database per MS SQL Datasource can be displayed, please follow related issue in YouTrack .


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