Where can I find these features?

  1. Is there a palce where I can see all the processes runnng on my server? ( So I can stop or kill some of the connections ? ). I use a tool called Querious ( an sql tool for mac ). and it has this feature I find very handy.  It even has a screen to see "slow queries".
  2. Where can I find stats about any table when I select a table in the left hand database list - details such as available columns and associated filed types, DDL, ( much like you see in Navicat)
  3. When I run a query, where can I find the total rows returned? Why do I have to run an extra query to see total number of rows?
  4. Why is there no visual indication of which databases are connected and the ones that are offline? The red button at the top of the database list view on the left doesnt work 100% of the time.

Thanks ...


Hi @juju01

1. Currently, there is no such functionality
2. There is a tab named DDL at the bottom of a table editor.
3. You can click on an indicator between next/previous page actions to execute "SELECT COUNT(*)" query and obtain this information.
4. Data sources with active connections are rendered with bold font. What do you mean by "The red button at the top of the database list view on the left doesnt work 100% of the time."?



# 3, why isnt the total row count displayed by default vs. having to execute the extra "select count(*) query ?

#4: I now see active connections are rendered in bold - its not very obvious. Maybe use a color?


3. Computing total row count can be a costly operation, that's why we're not doing it unless we're explicitly told to do so.

4. Unfortunately, colors are already used for a different purpose - you can mark your data sources with whatever colors you want (Right Click -> Color Settings...). For instance, you can set some aggressive color for your production databases, so that you don't do anything suspicious there. I've filed an issue for this problem: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-1851 - vote it up.


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