Unable to view Postgres foreign tables in Database Viewer


I have a Postgres database with foreign data wrappers installed, which enables access to remote datastores from within the SQL database. In this case, I am connecting to a Postgres database that lives on a remote server and have inserted specific tables under a defined schema in my database. I can see these foreign tables fine when using the psql console.

Unfortunately, I am unable to see these foreign tables in the Database Viewer of 0xDBE (currently 143.324.5, but this issue has persisted through the last few versions). More specifically, when I try to synchronize with my database, the schema names are displayed correctly in the Database Viewer but there are no drop-down arrows available for the foreign tables.

Here is the output of "Test Connection" below:

Database: PostgreSQL/9.4.5
Driver name: PostgreSQL Native Driver
Driver version: PostgreSQL 9.4 JDBC (build 1201)
JDBC version: 4.0
Case sensitivity: LOWER (quoted: EXACT)

Connection successful
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Hello Ryan,

This is not supported now indeed. Please vote and follow this request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-235 .


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