0xDBE schema/data comparison

First off, thanks for a very promising tool! By far the best DB editor for OSX IMO!

However, I have yet to find tools for data & schema comparison?
For example, SQL Server Data Tools (MS) which is part of Visual Studio has data comparison tool, schema comparison tool  + there are database migration tools (which help to migrate schema and data from old to new db version).

We use this extensively to keep test/dev DBs in sync.

Is there such a feature implemented in 0xDBE yet?


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Hello Aksel,

Comparison between tables, views schema objects is possible. Select objects in Database tool window and compare from context menu:
Data comparison is also possible: open Table Editor for needed tables and use compare from tool bar:

Or from query results in Database Console:
There is also related YouTrack request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-1421

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Is there any documentation on how "Compare" actually works now in DataGrip? I'm stilling missing simple data diffing functionality - I'd like to compare a table from two identical databases


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