How can I change test configuration type for a single test file?

I wanted to execute a single integration test class in my Grails project, so I followed the instructions "To run a Grails test" on
However I accidentally clicked on the option to run it as a JUnit test instead of as a Grails test. Now only the option to run it as JUnit test is shown anymore.
How can I change this back and change it to run as a Grails test?


Sorry for the late reply. You can delete the created run configuration (click on the combobox | Edit Configurations) and recreate it from scratch again.


I tried many times but failed 


  1. Identify the current test configuration type of the test file. This may be specified in a configuration file or in the code itself.
    Decide on the new test configuration type that you want to use for the test file. This may involve modifying the configuration file or the code.
    Modify the test file to use the new test configuration type. This may involve updating the import statements or modifying the test functions themselves.
    Run the test file using the new test configuration type to ensure that everything works as expected.


I attempted repeatedly but failed.



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