After upgrade Idea 13 -> 14, code flagged red

I upgraded from Idea 13 to 14 today.  Now I can't work with my Grails project.  I get red flags in service classes for code in my src/groovy/ folder.  Whether its an import statement or referencing a class in the same package, it makes no difference.

And when I do a class search, it does no see my test classes anymore.  I was a little annoyed when it stopped recognizing Config.groovy and DataSource.groovy as classes, but I guess they are not strictly speaking application classes.  But my tests definitely are!

I checked a bunch of boxes in Project Structure >> Modules >> GrailsWeb facet, but to no avail.

Am I missing something?  Everything was fine in Idea 13.

There is another post in the Scala community that describes a similar problem, but no answers yet.

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Turns out the "invalidate cache & restart" trick worked just fine for me.


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