problem with webstorm performance

hi there,

I have recently started using webstorm , I am using yeoman's angular generator to work on angular projects, the problem is it webstorm is very slow on my system I m using windows 10 64-bit , new project creation takes 15-20 mins, also grunt-serve commands always throws some kind of error,

I was not experiencing it before in notepad++ and I was using yeoman's cmder console I uninstalled and reinstalled  yeoman, node, git, compass, ruby, set my system environment variables but the issue is whenever I create new project , all the node modules files are created as usual but still grunt serve throws some sort of file missing error, sometimes its karma, when I fix it , its bower, and so on,

kindly help me in this regard, as I have spent whole day trying to figure out this





When does WebStorm run slow - on project creation (installing dependencies, initial indexing, etc.), or later, when you work with it? Is grunt watching your files and building application on change? If so, I'd strongly recommend excluding build destination folder from the project (Mark directory as/Excluded) to avoid constant re-indexing.

>grunt serve throws some sort of file missing error

Please can you elaborate more on this issue? Do you have all dependencies installed? You need running 'npm install' once the project is created to make sure all required modules are there


thanks for the reply

it runs slow on project creation

yes grunt is watching

I figured out the issue with grunt serve I needed to install grunt-karma, but the problem is each time I create a project using yeoman angular generator I have to repeat things, e.g I have to install karma , bower each time although its present in the node modules directory created with npm install, otherwise it gives error , cant find bower package local to your file


>I have to install karma , bower each time although its present in the node modules directory created with npm install


haven't got what you mean... If you have them installed already, why do you need installing them again? Please describe your steps


I mean to say when I create project  and in terminal window type grunt serve , the console shows an error

bower-install:app" (bower-install) task Cannot find where you keep your Bower packages.


for karma

Warning: Task "karma" failed. Use --force to continue.


yeah maybe something to do with system variables , can u pls tell me how to tune webstorm to make it perform faster on project creation


npm and bower install plus indexing generated stuff takes noticeable time and resources. You can speed up indexing by excluding node_modules and bower_components folders from project prior to running 'npm install' and 'bower install' (create empty node_modules and bower_components folders, exclude them using Mark directory as/Excluded).


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